Quality and Care

I have a passion for excellence. Coral care, propagation, packaging... I never settle for what "ok",  but constantly moving forward towards what is GREAT.

Small Town Culture, Big City Goals

My core vision for Skys Lagoon Coral is to ALWAYS operate with a "Small Town" mom and pop shop feel. One on one interaction is a part of our culture. 

Growing the Farm to Reeftank program to be one of the largest aquaculture ventures in the US is our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Aquaculture is the future of the reef hobby.

We Stand Behind our Coral

Making the Skys Lagoon experience GREAT doesn't end with accurate photography or a fun website... 

I stand behind our coral & packaging techniques (fine tuned through thousands of orders).

Our DOA policy is simple and focused on YOU!


What is Skys Lagoon Coral all about?


I like small towns. I like to be able to walk into a store and someone say “hi Ed!”

Sky’s Lagoon gives me this. In an online store!

Customer service here is unmatched in both friendliness and professionalism. There is a personal feel that I haven’t found replicated in any of the other coral sites I’ve perused or Facebook groups I’ve joined.

New to the reefkeeping hobby in the SE Pennsylvania area, and separated from the guys/gals/relationships I built while I kept reefs in TX over 5 years ago...it’s great to walk into a swap where everyone seems to know each other and run into Jeremy...then receive the same friendliness, and genuine caring attitude that is exhibited in online interactions!

Always willing to share info, impart wisdom, and help with any aspect of reef keeping; Sky’s Lagoon is an invaluable addition to my personal reef experience!

P.s. I didn’t even get to the great selection of coral! There’s always something new and always great pieces and prices.

P.p.s. Let alone the “farm to reeftank” program...awesomesauce way to involve local businesses and distributors in providing aquacultured corals at great prices!



Jeremy and team have a passion for the hobbyist not just the hobby. They love to know how your tank is doing and deliver the highest quality lifestock possible to see you succesful. Time and Time again Jeremy has sacrificed his time and money to ensure customer satisfaction is always achieved. Sky's lagoon is one of the very few companies I trust to have ship my precious cargo. Not only am I getting something for myself I know I am supporting someone that I want to be successful.


I’ve shopped with many other coral retailers, but i knew from the start that sky’s lagoon was by far the best. They have only continued to live up to that. You can’t beat the customer service and $10 flat rate shipping! Of course, i recommend you to all of my friends and reefing peers.


Normally I get my Coral locally here in Virginia Beach but I some really nice pieces from you decided to order and I wasn't disappointed in the least! Definitely would and do recommend you!


When it comes to Sky’s Lagoon...terrible customer service, ridiculous prices, horrible quality, poor packaging and most of all not very friendly...said no one everrrr!!!


2 words... BOMB DIGGITY!


Skeptical to try out any facebook auctions at first, i came across Jeremy and Sky's Lagoon Coral - WYSIWYG Auctions on one of the local reefing pages. Decided to give it a go with his $10 shipping to NJ. 500% glad i made that choice. Multiple orders later, and an absolute awesome customer service experience with an extremely late delivery from UPS that was IN NO WAY jeremys fault, but he replaced everything affected nonetheless. I not only will not go anywhere else for coral, but i've gained a true friend in the process.


Buy from sky's lagoon with confidence. I have been burned by online retailers with DOA product and left with nothing. Sky's lagoon has gone above and beyond with their Doa policy and always makes the situation right. They care about their customers and their coral and you can expect quality livestock at sky's lagoon. 11/10 would buy again.


Eventhough Jer's chin beard is a bit much, his coral prices aren't for the quality you receive. By asking for frequent feedback and utilizing customer opinions to enhance his current service line, Sky Lagoon's customer first attitude is exactly what sets them apart from his competitors. Not only is the available coral constantly changing, but the opportunity to get something you want is never far out of the picture, and that is why Sky's Lagoon has the loyal customers it has.


Sky lagoon by far has the best packaging out of all the online vendors I have ordered from. To me that is a huge deal considering tour live stock depends on it. This vendor takes pride in what they do and it shows in the quality of the corals and fish I've purchased from them. Prices are fantastic and customer service is second to none. 5 stars for sky lagoon.*****


Jeremy and the Sky Lagoon family are always quick to field any question, give personalized advice while providing a level of product/service that is absent in many businesses today. The prices here are great and you get treated like a friend rather than just another customer.


Our Story

Skys Lagoon Coral is run by us! My name is Jeremy, my wife Amanda and the namesake of the business is our daughter Sky!

We LOVE the community that has grown on our FaceBook WYSIWYG Auction Page. It's like one big family! We treat every customer with the same level of care that sets us apart. We strive for an easy buying experience with one on one support and advice. Quality. Integrity. Value.


I LOVE focusing on customer service and the culture of our FaceBook auction group. If you haven't joined our group yet, you are welcome and wanted! We have a wonderful group of competent and positive reefers! :) 

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