We are planning a move in 2020!

Well, it's exciting yet sad for us. As a family we have been called to make a move. We are planning to move to North Carolina!

There are many reasons we feel we are called to make this move for our family. A large part of the reason is to be able to reach out to people we feel led to share love with. Another reason is for our family specifically to move on and follow our calling rather than stay where we're comfortable.
For Skys Lagoon Coral... this means only BIGGER AND BETTER things are to come.
My plan is to have a facility around 3-4x the size of our current facility. We will continue to run the Farm to Reeftank Program as it is VITAL for the future of our hobby.
We will have more direct access to stock as well which will facilitate better selection and health!
Our shipping zones honestly aren't going to change too too much. MOST of the current $10 shipping zone will only change price slightly. And I plan to have a $ threshold to still receive the $10 rate. While our $19 zone will HUGELY be expanded!
I plan to greatly increase my consulting efforts. I have a HUGE desire to encourage and inspire brick and mortar stores to excel! We have some cool plans around that.
ALSO, we have ReefShiver in the works! What I hope will become the GREATEST online community of reefers!
I also have planned, a ReefShiver Business. A community space for business owners in the industry to learn, share and inspire.
This move is not the end, it's only the beginning to great things both for our family and for Skys Lagoon Coral.
So where does this leave us now? We will continue to operate as normal. We will start selling through stock closer to the end of the year and it will ALL need to go in spring for the transition! We will also need to fund this move as it is currently a walk of faith for us!
We love you all and we thank you for all your friendship, support and business. We couldn't do what we do without you!!!
~ The Shenk Family