Rainbow West Aussie Button Scoly WYSIWYG
Rainbow West Aussie Button Scoly WYSIWYG
Rainbow West Aussie Button Scoly WYSIWYG

Rainbow West Aussie Button Scoly WYSIWYG

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Once your order is placed you will receive an email requesting the best delivery days that suit your schedule! I work one on one with each customer to schedule your order's delivery to ensure the best service.


We ship:

  • Monday for Tuesday delivery
  • Tuesday for Wednesday delivery
  • Wednesday for Thursday delivery

We DO NOT ship Thursday for Friday delivery. If there is a delay during a Friday delivery there would be no chance for second day delivery. 


We also do not ship during ANY holiday weeks as UPS has a high rate of delaying orders. 

So, we have had a DOA policy that has always been very generous. But lets just KISS, I mean “Keep it Simple Stupid”.

- If you have an item that unfortunatly arrives at your door in it’s bag dead, its covered.

- If you put a coral in your tank and within 2 hours of delivery it is dead, it’s covered.

- If your shipment is delayed by UPS and your corals arrive dead, they’re covered! (photos must be send within 2hrs of delivery even if shipment has been delayed)

DOA coverage means you will receive store credit for the item you purchased to use either for a like replacement item or on a totally different item! We do NOT cover the cost of shipping if you have a DOA item. DOA credit may be used only once. DOA credit may not be used to pay shipping fees nor counted towards the amount spent required to reach free shipping.

All DOA corals must be photographed within 2hrs of delivery, whether they’re in the bag or tank.

We do work with each customer on a one on one basis as each situation is unique! We care about you and our corals, and most importantly we want a good experience for everyone!

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