Auction Rules/Details

Auction winnings MUST be paid within 24hrs, NO exceptions.

Auction winners are called automatically and are accurate.

Store credit (including DOA credit) is NOT valid for use on auction winnings.

Coupons/Discounts may NOT be used for auction winnings.

SLC rewards discounts may NOT be used for auction winnings.

Standard shipping rates apply to auction winnings, including normal FREE shipping thresholds and minimum order thresholds.

Auction winnings MAY be combined with normal items for one shipping rate, and DO count towards FREE shipping and minimum order thresholds.


Paying for your winnings/Keeping track of your bids:

Login to your account HERE. Then click on "View Your Bids". Here you can view all auction items you have open bids on, items you've won that are ready for payment and lost auctions. 

If you have any issues with the auction system please contact me HERE.